Scumbag Novella Cover Reveal!

Long time no see!

So here it is, folks… the front cover reveal for Prezident Scumbag! A Sick Bastard Novella; possibly the first anti-Trump story to emerge. The design is by my regular graphic designer Will over at Gonzo Design and was inspired by old Crass and Dead Kennedys album covers and leaflets.

I’m going to release this book in a matter of weeks and hope that you’ll get behind it. We’re just at the formatting stages and all is running smooth.

Meanwhile here’s the blurb:

While kicking about Hotel Scum, a community of crust punk squatters from the north of England learn all about the newly elected President of the World. Turns out this president happens to be their worst nightmare in a shirt and tie. He is, in their words, a corporate swine who promises to make things do stuff tomorrow. Nobody has a fucking clue what he’s talking about.

The punks soon figure that the only sensible response to the madness happening all across the world is to fly the band over to America and put on the protest show to end all protest shows. But shortly after landing in Los Angeles, the punks soon find themselves in trouble with just about everyone…

American presidential nightmares, Brexit bollocks, Tory filth, post-truth nonsense, alt-right gobshites; Prezident Scumbag! takes a pop at all of these and more in the crustiest, filthiest, angriest narrative ever to come out of somebody’s imagination. At a time when culture is begging for a reawakening of anti-establishment sentiments, Rupert Dreyfus continues to fill that void by taking his two middle fingers and ramming them down the collective throat of the mainstream.

This story will upset reactionaries.

You have been warned.

2262 Prez cover

You can now add Prezident Scumbag! on Goodreads

Evening officers,

Thanks to all those who shared messages of support after my recent meltdown. So many lovely people in this community.

You can now add Prezident Scumbag! A Sick Bastard Novella to your TBR list on Goodreads. Click here for details.

It will be released with a sleeve reminiscent of an old punk album cover (think Dead Kennedys, Crass etc.) c/o my regular graphic designer Will over at Gonzo Design.

Massive thanks for your patience this year. It’s been a tough one at Dreyfus HQ so far.



Still Drey

Hi kids.

I’m still here. I’m still a gobby arse. I still can’t stand people (all of you), the political situation is still thoroughly miserable and our culture is still a scabby Kentucky fried flange lacking in any real substance. I still have some upcoming releases before I go full-on hermit and disappear from the internet forever. I still reckon the best is yet to come.

So what’s occurring? I’m living in a different part of the world. I’m not getting much done other than going to my new job, going home, going to my new job, going home, going to my new job, jerking off. Repeat. Snore. Drop some codeine. Dream about better worlds… It’s like Groundhog Day except without having Bill Murray around to cheer you up.

The good news is that the kind folks over at Babelsbook have translated Spark into Spanish which I’ll be releasing and promoting just as soon as I can. I’ve had some Spanish speakers request it so now it looks like it’s going to happen. I’ll be writing more about why we should be translating to other languages soon enough.

As some of you may remember I’ve been piecing a crusty anti-Trump, anti-altright gobshite novella together. It centres round a crust punk band called Sick Bastard from the norf of England. They go on a road trip to protest the madness over in Washington and get into all sorts of trouble. It’s pretty funny unless you think those altright racist cunts have a point in which case you’ll hate my guts. I hope to get my shit together and finish it over the coming months and then release it before the middle of this year.

Other than that life moves slow here. Maybe I should get back to having a presence online and stirring up some trouble. Or maybe I’ll just stick to the shadows and continue to mope.

Either way stay safe.



The Disco Ball Spins Away Another Year for Dreyfus

Hi folks,

Unless something newsworthy happens, this is going to be my last proper blog for 2016. On balance it’s been another enjoyable year. The highlights were getting Spark into the Amazon top 10 courtesy of Steve Topple’s Canary article, releasing Bedroom Max through the excellent Politics & Insights blog and getting a copy of The Rebel’s Sketchbook into the hands of my favourite stand-up comedian even if nothing became of it. The only low point was the mediocre to negative review of Spark by the Morning Star. But we all know something was amiss there…

My personal life is going to see some turbulence during the first half of 2017 which could throw my writing off-course for a few months. Like 99.9% of authors, I’m not lucky enough to be doing this for a living (nowhere near) so I need to focus on surviving in the wild as I find ways to avoid the unemployment line. If you know of any writing jobs going then send me an email. Alternatively if you have any friends or family members who’d appreciate a book for Christmas that isn’t one of those boring bestsellers about the history of toothache then buy them one of mine so I can keep the heating switched on this winter. Better still make sure you spend time with at least one homeless person this Christmas. Buy them a coffee and have a conversation with them, being careful to reassure them that next year will see them surmount their difficult situation. I promise to do the same.

Once everything is back on track there are numerous upcoming releases in the pipeline. As most of you already know I’m ploughing through a chaotic novella called Prezident Scumbag. It’s centred around the recurring crust punk band Sick Bastard which may even get released with a particularly shit soundtrack. I’ll be aiming to release this as soon as possible because, given its core theme, time is of the essence. I’ve also written a short story called Workfarce which will be included in an anti-austerity anthology I’m working on with some other talented authors and poets (all proceeds will be going to charity) and at some point next year I’ll be returning to my second novel, Broke, which is a swipe at present day inequality in the UK, reversing the roles so that the dirt poor gets to rip off the filthy rich for once.

In the meantime the world is becoming an increasingly dangerous and unstable place for reasons you’re all too familiar with. 2016 has been perpetually nightmarish and 2017 could see a tidal wave of wholesale fascism ripple across the European continent, and then our species is going to find itself in a massive pickle. I sometimes worry that a lot of left-wingers aren’t comprehending the enormity of what could happen over the next decade unless we find a way of organising against it. It’s a critical situation. There’s no time for partisan bullshit.

But rest assured, no matter what happens, I’ll be making up for the distinct lack of obnoxious socio-political stories. When I finally get back to having a stable routine, I’ll also be writing some articles for Scisco’s arts section; shining a spotlight on those creatives who are going against the grain at a time when most people are figuring out how to make money rather than create art.

As always: thanks to those many people across the world who have continued to support me over the last couple of years; especially those I regular interact with and who have actively helped to spread the word. In the age of point-and-click disposability, where you’re made to feel like just another clucking chicken in a battery cage, every connection I make with kindred spirits makes the ongoing slog worthwhile.

Meanwhile keep being thoroughly disobedient at every given opportunity and all the best for 2017.


2017 and the Return of Sick Bastard!

Those people paying close attention to my stories will be aware of the recurring anarcho-crust punk band Sick Bastard. I made a short documentary on them in The Rebel’s Sketchbook. It was called Hotel Scum and it’s about their war with, in Faz’s words, a business bastard who tried to kick the community out of their squat.

As it goes I received a call from Faz this weekend, asking me to call him back. He was a bit wrecked, but in between burps and growls he told me that his community had just learned about the US election results and are planning a trip to the White House to join in the protests. Along the way they’re going to record a new e.p. which has the protest song Prezident Scumbag is the Establishment, You Stupid Fuckface! It’ll be appearing on their Soundcloud page here once they figure out how to use the internet. His cousin, Alfie Khan, normally maintains their page but he’s too busy with his own protests at the moment so everything is up in the air.

Faz asked me if I’d join them to document the madness. I agreed providing they don’t spike me again with cheap speed and ketamine (this time I want a warning).

I don’t know when the new documentary will be finished, but it’s likely to be before the end of 2017. Faz promises me it’s going to be a full-on crust punk massacre which will upset a lot of conservative Christians.

Wish me luck…


Dreyfus’ Reaction to the US Election Result

I was hoping to write one more blog for 2016 but then this happened. We now have 1 maniac superpower preparing for nuclear war and another who is capable of starting it. A couple of years ago I wrote a satirical short story called On the President’s Watch—probably my personal favourite story in The Rebel’s Sketchbook. It was a comment on how our species already faces a serious existential threat from bickering world leaders. This could now become reality over the next five to ten years. Maybe I should write a sequel where the whole thing turns out to be a prank…

Seriously though; yes Hillary Clinton is a nugget. But when you’re presented with either nuggetry or the looming apocalypse, I would’ve thought the choice was a no-brainer. I did the same with the EU referendum: it’s all shit and I want none of it. But when all the shouting is done there are degrees to the shit and these degrees have serious consequences; for not just vulnerable groups, but for all of us.

The reality is that this election result is no longer just a continuation of neoliberalism; this is now a much more dangerous beast. We have two fascists in office in the most powerful countries in the world and entire nations can’t even see it.

Can things really get any worse than what they are right now? Nuclear warfare aside, I personally can’t see how they can.

Maybe those doomsday preppers were being perfectly reasonable after all. I think I’ll buy a shovel and get digging…


Bedroom Max Update and A Brief Encounter with Stewart Lee

Hi folks,

Bedroom Max has travelled far and wide over the last week. Big thanks to everyone who has read it, shared it, left comments, reviewed it, got in touch about it etc. And a bigger thanks to Sue Jones over at Politics & Insights for putting it up. I was a bit unsure of how it would go down because I wrote the first draft a couple of years ago and had to switch from my comfort zone of relatable poverty-stricken everybody to one of the worst types of bigots in the UK. It drove me nuts having to write it. But now it’s out there and whenever you hear somebody banging on about being a hardworking taxpayer, you can call them a Bedroom Max and link them to the story. In the future I might have to provide footnotes for people like Maxwell in order to point out what it’s about in the hope that it’ll bring them back to humanity.

On to other matters. Me and my brother went to watch Stewart Lee on Wednesday in Liverpool. Long story short we were put on the fourth floor of the hotel we were stopping in. Around 6ish we were back at the hotel, getting ready for the show. We got in the lift with the plan of eating at the Mediterranean spot across the road before going to the venue. Then the lift doors opened at the third floor and stood before us was Stewart Lee.

For the second time in my life I did a convincing impersonation of a bewildered fanchild, only this time repeating, ‘It’s Stewart Lee,’ over and over. I remembered I’d taken a copy of How I Escaped My Certain Fate to get signed alongside a copy of The Rebel’s Sketchbook just in case I was presented with the opportunity of getting it into his hands, hoping that he’d read it.

So when that opportunity actually did present itself in the confines of a hotel lift, the timing was perfect because I’d already had a few beers and my GAD was kicking in. I went into auto-pilot mode and scrambled round my bag with words just falling out of my yap. I managed to get him the copy of The Rebel’s Sketchbook and, with no context, no introduction or explanation as to who I am or what I was giving him, I said something like: we’ll let you get on to the venue because if I continue chatting to you, I’m only going to carry on behaving like a complete spanner.

We let him continue down in the lift, and me and my brother were left on the third floor wondering where the fuck we were. We took the stairs to the ground floor while I kept repeating ‘It’s Stewart Lee,’ and then we saw Lee again over at reception. Feeling like a pair of nuggets, we sneaked passed him and on out of the building.

To be fair my brother was unfazed, but I was an embarrassment to the family. The only other time I’ve behaved like that was about 10 years ago when I watched the alt-country band Murder By Death and got talking to them afterwards as they were lugging stuff into their tour van. Nobody in the UK really knew who they were back then (and probably don’t now) so there was about 10 of us at the gig. I decided to make up for their lack of UK audience by telling them how much they mean to me rather than just saying something adult or doing the sensible thing of not even bothering. I hope I never do it again because you never really recover from it.

Anyway; the show, Content Provider, was blinding. If I had taken a notepad and pen and remained sober, I would’ve written a review for Scisco Media. That can’t happen now so the slimline blog review is that it’s hilarious and in the usual style that transcends stand-up comedy. The first half had a lot of material on Brexit and the second half is hard to go into without just spoiling it for you. I got my tickets back in May so it’s probably sold out now, but if you get the opportunity then go along.

Finally; I’ve just found out that Trainspotting is getting a film sequel. The original book is fantastic. So was the film and so was the prequel Skagboys. Daren’t I say it, but, after watching the trailer, I’m apprehensive about the sequel. The ‘choose life’ pitch tried too hard to resonate with the internet nerd herd. The original story is set in the ‘80s and caught something of that time, taking us away from the mundanity of such things as the internet. Unless the reviews are reliably glowing then I’ll probably avoid it and savour the memories.

And that’s it for November. I’ll give you a final update of the year in December, summarising the ups and downs of 2016 as well as where I’m at with various projects.

Meanwhile, stay safe.