Anti-Racism Novella Now FREE on Kindle!

As a response to the racist atmosphere presently engulfing the UK, I’m giving Prezident Scumbag! away for free on the Kindle platform. You can get your copy here and you can visit the Goodreads page for more reviews here.

I released this story last year as a response to the rise of the far right across the world, spearheaded by a particularly acidic President who has partly succeeded in normalising bigotry and hostility towards the less fortunate. The far right tried to make out that this is what it means to be anti-establishment. However, this story begs to differ by reawakening the true spirit of taking on the establishment.

Since releasing this story, things have taken a turn for the worst. Our own beloved Tory government has taken a leaf out of the far right’s book of disgrace by ramping up a ‘hostile environment’ towards our fellow humans. The purpose of this is to turn people against each other so that they can continue building the sort of world that good people don’t identify with but are forced to survive in on a daily basis.

You can read the Canary’s review here and here is the latest review I’ve received from my friend and fellow dissident author James Birch.

Thanks to all those who have supported me thus far. And extra special thanks to those influential left-wingers who continue to ignore me presumably because you believe in your own bullshit celebrity status rather than the values you preach.

Please help me to spread the word and leave reviews wherever you can.

Respect and tings’


Dreyfus writes with the darkly absurd humour of a thirsty and somewhat paranoid Jonathan Swift.

–Imran Khan, Pop Matters

This isn’t just my favourite of Rupert Dreyfus’ books to date, nor is it one of my favourite indie books, it’s simply one of my favourite books, period.

–Harry Whitewolf, protest poet and author

If his work doesn’t make you think, I suggest getting your doctor to prescribe a course of fluoride tablets, subscribe to the Daily Mirror and vote in this year’s X Factor.

–Steve Topple, The Canary

In between the worthy goal and shenanigans of Sick Bastard’s punk band members… there’s wisdom to plant a seed of ‘something else, something different’ into society’s mushy brain.

–Liis Scanlon, Cover to Cover

No-one at the moment is doing more to break down the artificial divisions in writing – between the arts, literature, social sciences; realism, surrealism, social and political satire, commentary, alternative narratives and dissidence – than Rupert.

–Sue Jones, Politics and Insights

Dreyfus is a kind soul which you might not guess from the title and the notion of a punk rock band going to protest something. But, sprinkled throughout this book, are what are clearly Dreyfus’ own heartfelt, humanitarian expressions of bemusement, sadness, and concern at the present state of the world.

–James Birch, author of Discontents: The Disappearance of a Young Radical

If Orwell was alive today he’d be writing the exact same things as Dreyfus.

–Goodreads Review



Prezident Scumbag!: A Sick Bastard Novella [Book Review]

James Wallace Birch

Book: Prezident Scumbag!: A Sick Bastard Novella

Author: Rupert Dreyfus

prezidentskumbag-cover-dreyfusMy Review:

I’ve got to give a strong nod in favor of this one! I was immediately taken in by Dreyfus’ style and pointed social critique. I can see why he’s amassed such a loyal following. It’s like Anthony Burgess meets Kurt Vonnegut at a black block/ punk rock show, all while reading anarchist philosophy.

This political satire follows a cast of misfit anarchists who travel to the U.S.A to put on a protest music show. Between drug-addled mischief and philosophical musings, a tale emerges of hope against the backdrop of the election of Prezident Scumbag (a thinly veiled poke at who know who). Racism and nationalism are major themes. The story centers on the UK-born Fazal Khan of Pakistani heritage.

This novella is a quick read but it’s a powerful one. As someone not from the UK there was…

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The Amazon Bestsellers List is Still Artless Horseshit

I’m into my fourth year of putting out stories and in the wider literary world nothing much has changed in all this time. In fact things are getting worse. The bestseller lists continue to be dominated by artless horseshit which any of us could churn out in a week.

As I write this the current bestsellers list on Amazon is almost exclusively comprised of awful thrillers and predictable romances. The opening line of the number 1 bestseller blurb (I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll) sums this up perfectly:

When Ella Longfield overhears two attractive young men flirting with teenage girls on a train, she thinks nothing of it…

Teenage girls on a train.

Girls on a train.

Girl on a train.

Girl on the train.

The Girl on the Train.

Fuck me furiously.

If that isn’t blatant product placement then I don’t know what is. They might as well have said ‘sponsored by Trump Towers’ and be done with it. Hopefully you weren’t one of the hundreds of thousands of people who fell for it…

But how did we arrive at this? Ten years ago I would’ve predicted that things would’ve taken a different direction to what they have; that there’d be queues of authors and artists taking full advantage of the unprecedented free creative expression afforded to us by the internet. Instead we’ve got authors falling over themselves to make as much money as they possibly can by mustering up the most inoffensive drivel they are capable of. Even the Guardian supports it with open arms which you can see both here and here.

It’s all about the money. Give me your fucking money.

But how did we arrive at this? The traditional publishing world is responsible for some great literature over the years. However, it’s also responsible for training many readers to see books as nothing more than a Big Mac and large fries. Consequently free expression in the creative arts continues to be shackled by the pursuit of profit which squeezes out all traces of originality. Once a story goes viral in the Digital Age, we all have to endure countless imitations for many years to come.

What’s the response? If you’re writing stories then don’t imitate the same old unless you want mouthy upstarts like me to call you out. Continue to fly the flag of dissent; even if nobody gives much of a shit right now. Writing belongs to us; not the Amazon algorithms which are encouraging authors to unashamedly write stories for profit.

If you’re a reader then occasionally support the alternative that broadly represents your values. Among the piles of wanky books about girls on public transport, there are books which are speaking out against abuses of power, corporate greed and a stagnant cultural scene. Give it a crack of the whip.

We all need to keep angry—for art’s sake. Otherwise all we have to look forward to is more of the same shit. Ad infinitum. Our culture dies a slow painful death and Amazon lives on for all eternity.

Orwell would turn in his grave.


My Lovely Readers, Spark the Spanish Translation and a Book for Charity

Massive thanks to everyone who reached out to me after last month’s episode. Too many of you to name, but the love I received got me through a tough time of drug-induced dissociation. I’m still struggling somewhat, but I’m determined to come out fighting. I haven’t touched anything but kratom for weeks now but my serotonin levels are still in the minus. I’ll give it a few months before I give that breakdown some context as right now it’s still an open wound. Instead I’ll give some positive updates on things going on at Dreyfus HQ.

Finally, after much demand, Spark the Spanish translation is almost ready. I literally just have to push the ‘publish now’ button. I’m just waiting on some information and then I’m going to launch it at the Spanish speaking world. The Hispanic people have a long history of revolutionary struggle and Spain has been one of the biggest victims of austerity so I think if anyone will appreciate it then they will. Massive thanks to my friend Kostas for his assistance with this project.

I’ve also been involved in another project with around 20 authors and poets. It’s an anthology which is going to be released for charity. It’s currently in the final stages and it includes a new short story by yours truly. This will be released very soon and we’re going to make quite some noise about it.

I am pumping the rest of my energy into two books simultaneously; Hooked (which I wrote a little about last month) and a story with the working title Neilism. Neilism has just hit the 10,000 words barrier and it’s developing nicely. It’s about a drug addict going through withdrawal. He’s trying to reconnect with humanity but in doing so he just becomes lonelier until, that is, the opportunity to escape this hostile wasteland presents itself. It’s more philosophically grounded than my other stories (my attempt at updating the existential novel), but you’ll recognise it as distinctly Dreyfus.

That’s all for now.

I’ll be back with more news sooner than you think.

Be kind to yourself.


A Dreyfus Christmas Message

We talk about finding intelligent life on other planets but some of us are still searching for it here on Earth. If we were to be aliens observing this little blue dot from afar then this year we would’ve witnessed a species tearing itself apart. Meanwhile the real intelligent species of this world—those which hitherto have survived for many thousands of years—are now struggling to make it through another decade. It breaks my heart to see such a beautiful potential going to waste. A portrait of Mother Earth going up in flames.

Yet in my heart of hearts I know that this analysis isn’t the true picture. For one thing human beings are extremely intelligent; rather it is the system which we endure that is observably foolish. Like animals in a harsh environment, we are forced to adapt to it or our individual struggle is over. Such is our nature that many of us accept without question that such a struggle is perfectly necessary, that such inequality and the misery it brings is just an unfortunate by-product of liberal democracy. But many more of us can see the system for what it really is.

These times are critical. In order for our species to reach its potential we have to reject the obscene notion that inequality is perfectly normal, that the future belongs to them, that this is all there is to the human experience. We have to reject the endgame of neoliberalism, shatter the foundations of what Sheldon Wolin aptly referred to as inverted totalitarianism. But more than reject, we also have to create alternatives which allow us to tune into the ever present frequency that allows compassion for all creatures to flourish.

As 2017 fades into a distant but terrifying nightmare, let’s make 2018 a new day.

Everything else won’t save us now.


As One Giveaway Ends, Another One Begins…

Dear World,

As the Scumbag giveaway comes to an end, another one for Spark begins. Good luck to everyone who enters either and thanks for the continued support. If you don’t win and want a digital copy then get in touch and I’ll hook it up. I’ll also chuck in some extra presents because I have that Christmas spirit going on.

It’s almost the end of a particularly gruelling year. I’ll be back with one final blog once the Spark giveaway is over, putting the world to rights and outlining what’s in store for 2018. It’s going to be a hoot.

Meanwhile spend some time with the homeless this winter and I promise to do the same.



Prezident Scumbag! Places 25th in’s Best Indie Book of 2015!

Hello World.

I’m over the moon to announce that Prezident Scumbag!—my anti-Trump novella with a stinking bad attitude problem—placed 25th in the Best Indie Books of 2015 competition ran by those kind folks over at Thus far it’s the only political satire that’s placed and I would hazard a guess that it will continue to be until the full list is released.

I’d like to express a massive thanks to whoever nominated this book in this first instance as well as all those people who voted for it. It’s always lovely when somebody slows down in this messy, fast-paced digital landscape to care about what you do. I can stop panicking that the entire world has been side-tracked by the current crop of unmemorable bestsellers.

It just and so happens that the Goodreads giveaway for Scumbag! goes underway tomorrow so make sure you enter the competition and spread the word. If you despise Trump then the paperback is worth owning just for the front cover.

Meanwhile let’s all raise a toast to free expression.