Prezident Scumbag! Places 25th in’s Best Indie Book of 2015!

Hello World.

I’m over the moon to announce that Prezident Scumbag!—my anti-Trump novella with a stinking bad attitude problem—placed 25th in the Best Indie Books of 2015 competition ran by those kind folks over at Thus far it’s the only political satire that’s placed and I would hazard a guess that it will continue to be until the full list is released.

I’d like to express a massive thanks to whoever nominated this book in this first instance as well as all those people who voted for it. It’s always lovely when somebody slows down in this messy, fast-paced digital landscape to care about what you do. I can stop panicking that the entire world has been side-tracked by the current crop of unmemorable bestsellers.

It just and so happens that the Goodreads giveaway for Scumbag! goes underway tomorrow so make sure you enter the competition and spread the word. If you despise Trump then the paperback is worth owning just for the front cover.

Meanwhile let’s all raise a toast to free expression.




Prezident Scumbag! the Paperback is now out plus Sick Bastard release their Xmas No.1!

“Dreyfus writes with the darkly absurd humour of a thirsty and somewhat paranoid Jonathan Swift.”

– PopMatters

Finally, after much parping around, celebrated rebel author Rupert Dreyfus has released the first instalment of his anti-Trump series of novellas in paperback form. After Spark reached the top 10 spot on Amazon and The Rebel’s Sketchbook was named as the top read of 2015 by The Morning Star, Prezident Scumbag! is set to become his most memorable work to date.

Here’s the lowdown

“While kicking about their squat, a community of crust punks from the north of England learn all about the newly elected President of the World. Turns out this president happens to be their worst nightmare in a shirt and tie. He is, in their words, a corporate swine who promises to make things do stuff tomorrow. Nobody has a fucking clue what he’s talking about.

The punks soon figure that the only sensible response to the madness happening all across the world is to fly the band over to America and put on the protest show to end all protest shows. But shortly after landing in Los Angeles, the band quickly find themselves in trouble with just about everyone…

American presidential nightmares, Tory filth, post-truth nonsense, alt-right gobshites; Prezident Scumbag! takes a pop at all of these and more in the crustiest, filthiest, angriest narrative ever to come out of somebody’s imagination. At a time when culture is begging for a reawakening of anti-establishment sentiments, Rupert Dreyfus continues to fill that void by taking his two middle fingers and ramming them down the collective throat of the mainstream.”

“If his work doesn’t make you think, I suggest getting your doctor to prescribe a course of fluoride tablets, subscribe to the Daily Mirror and vote in this year’s X Factor.”

  The Canary

If you are in the UK then you can purchase the paperback here If you are in America then you can purchase it here. It’s also available everywhere else through Amazon.

You can read a full review by The Canary here.

While on tour, Sick Bastard have also released a Xmas No. 1 to coincide with this release. You can hear the demo here:


Rupert has also opened a merch page on RedBubble; a healthy portion of the profits made will go to the Trussell Trust as well as funding for future projects. Check out the store here.

“No-one at the moment is doing more to break down the artificial divisions in writing – between the arts, literature, social sciences; realism, surrealism, social and political satire, commentary, alternative narratives and dissidence – than Rupert.”

– Politics and Insights

Goodreads giveaways are scheduled for very soon; for this book and his others, including the first ever giveaway for Spark.

As always; many thanks for all of the support over the last three years. It’s been a hoot! There will be more mischief in 2018…

One love.



Fake Interviews: Edgar Allan Poe

Shout out to Gnome Appreciation Society for the most interesting interview I’ve had! It was fun holding a seance and having Edgar Allan Poe take over me for the duration of this interview…

Gnome Appreciation Society


For this interview may I welcome the master of the macabre Mr Edgar Poe. Born in 1809 and considered a bit of a rock star in the short story world….and according to Wikipedia the possible inventor of detective stories.  I’m gonna try and ignore all that shit and get to the bottom of what makes him tick.

Hello there, how’s it hanging mate?  What do you like to be called?

I am willing to confess that most days, it, my old serpent, hangs with a distinct slope to the left. Yet tonight I am utterly aghast to find it with a curious sloping to the right. It’s a modest size, perhaps five inches when in slumber, but it can become an altogether different beast when presented with big bosoms, for I am no stranger to the stormy libido which blights the lives of all creatures!

As for the second enquiry:…

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Please Vote! Scumbag nominated for comedy award on!

Alright folks,

It’s been brought to my attention by a fellow author that Prezident Scumbag! has been nominated for best indie book of 2017 in the comedy category. Thanks to the person who secured its entry, means the world!

Please take a moment to nominate by visiting here and filling in the details:

All you have to do is click here!

Please also ask your friends to do the same.

It’s possibly the first (and certainly the most) anti-Trump piece of fiction out there to date. The Canary were kind enough to feature an article on this book which you can read here.

The paperback will be released very soon and I’ll also do some give aways through Goodreads.

Thanks to all the rebels who have supported me since the beginning. Too many of you to name. Keep supporting the counterculture movement and one day it’ll be the norm.

Keep being thoroughly and utterly disobedient.


A Quick Rant About Celebrity Wrong ‘Uns, Scumbag Paperback and Some Upcoming Projects

Apologies for the delay. Real life got in the way again and before I know it I’m two months closer to peace and quiet. I’m still a misery guts and the world remains utterly fucked. Turns out there are more sex offenders in the House of Gollums than what there are in Strangeways. Nothing grips my shit more than learning about men who have used their status to abuse women (and let’s face it, it’s mostly men). Harry Weinstein can also fuck off. I’m all for respecting the rule of law, but it’s clear as day that he’s a wrong ‘un. If I was Prime Minister I’d make it policy to stick all wrong ‘uns on Herpes Island until we find a cure for them. Problem with that is there wouldn’t be many people left to run the country…

On a lighter note my latest novella, Prezident Scumbag!, will be released in the next month or so just in time for Christmas (because I need all your money in my bank account immediately as I can’t afford to keep topping up my prepayment meter this winter). Seriously though; if everyone who despises Trump as much as I do buys it then I’d be richer than the ginger cunt himself. I could afford to buy all his businesses off him, sack him and then turn Trump Towers into a giant hostel for New York’s homeless. I’m sure he’d appreciate that. Speaking of which he’s another untouchable wrong ‘un. Feels like there are wrong ‘uns everywhere at the minute. What is our species becoming? We need to stop behaving like caged animals and start to respect each other.

For those who have been following me over the last year or so, you’ll know that I’ve been bleating on about my second novel Broke. I haven’t touched this manuscript for about a year, but I know it’s definitely going to be released because it’s about halfway there and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, I’m pausing on it because I’ve very recently began piecing together another story which is more in tune with where I’m at in the world. It’s called Neilism and it’s by far the most scathing, cynical voice I’ve mustered up and seems like the natural follow up to Spark. Don’t get too excited, though, because it’s not a sequel. Socio-political commentary (or whatever you cool kids call it) is taking a backseat and a more philosophical subtext is emerging. I think it’ll be appreciated by nihilists and misanthropes everywhere.

I’m also working on an anthology with another sixteen authors and poets. It will include a brand new short story by yours truly. For now this is about as much as I can tell you. We’re aiming for a release date early next year and all proceeds will go to charity. We’ll be making a lot of noise so keep your ear to the ground…

That’s all for now. I’ll be back with the Scumbag release very soon.

Peace be with you.


Fake Interviews: Satan

Bloody Satan name dropping me again…

Gnome Appreciation Society

RockyVSatanHi and welcome to a new feature here at this blog.  Fake interviews with real or imaginary figures from history.  I will be the master interviewer and there will be an amazing guest answering the questions on behalf of the person being interviewed…..or something like that.

Anyways….today I will be interviewing the big red man from below, the beast with a 1000 names, the man who likes to shove pineapples up bottoms, that’s right it is Satan himself!

Alright mate?  How’s it hanging? Is it ok if I call you Mavis? 

Oh, I’m not too great at the moment actually. I’ve got the flu, so I’m sneezing fireballs everywhere, even though Mrs. Satan keeps telling me it’s just a cold and I’m being a big pansy.

And it’s Supreme Overlord Mavis to you. 

Q1. I’m gonna have to start with the big question, God, Jesus and the Holy…

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