Thoughts on Diversity and Some Updates

Just a quickie this month.

I was going to write a short essay about diversity in the traditional publishing world and how there’ll never be any. But I’ll save you having to read a thousand words of gibberish by summarising instead: there’ll someday be superficial diversity in the traditional publishing world, but there won’t be any meaningful diversity—diversity which allows authors of fiction to actively assault neoliberalism, junk culture and the status quo.

If you want meaningful diversity—one which speaks out against the current shitstorm—then you’ll find it in the indie scene. I’m surrounded by left-wing authors and poets who have been providing an alternative for years. I’m saddened by the lack of support for it, but that’s really down to a number of factors which I’ve discussed tirelessly over the years. Hopefully things will someday change.

In other news my second novel Broke will hopefully be released within the month. The main theme is inequality in present day Tory Britain; except the dirt poor attempt to scam the filthy rich for once. Alongside this I’m involved in a project which I’ll also be tirelessly promoting once it’s out there. Watch this space for more information.

My next project is already bubbling away, but it won’t be released until next year. I need to do some promoting, gobbing off, making a noise and generally being an arse.

I’ll be in touch again before you know it.

Meanwhile stay frosty.




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