Scumbag and Broke Updates

Many thanks to all those people who’ve read or intend to read Prezident Scumbag! And extra special thanks to Steve Topple for being one of the few journalists who, along with his other great work, actively supports the independent creative arts which take aim at the powers that be. Also, thanks to Far Right Watch for helping me to spread the word to the sort of people this book is written for. Your kindness really is appreciated.

You can read the latest review of Scumbag here (thanks to another great author Riya Polcastro).

I was a little apprehensive about putting this novella out there for a few different reasons. The primary reason is that I’m aware the language is fairly brutal and I feared that those readers who aren’t acquainted with my stories would be put off by this when, as the story rolls on, there’s a lot more going on. Make no mistake: this novella is an outright assault on the rise of fascism, the return of mainstream racism , the election of our worst nightmare to rule the world and a promotion of philosophical anarchism as a beam of light in a darkened world.

However, it’s no coincidence that Prezident Scumbag! was written in such a brutal style. There were a few things I wanted to achieve with this. Alongside capturing the current anger and giving voice to a subculture completely off the grid, I also wanted to remind people what anti-establishment actually means in the Digital Age. Some of you will no doubt remember that when Trump was running for President, many of his supporters claimed that he was anti-establishment (and still do even though he now is the establishment). This type of nonsense was also said about UKIP a couple of years earlier who I also wrote a story about hosted by one of the best political blogs out there, maintained by my friend Sue Jones.

Fortunately I’m just about old enough to have been exposed to a lot of old punk and hardcore bands who promoted anti-fascism/ anti-racism messages in a style that captured the feeling of despair at a world gone mad. As far as I’m concerned, this is the real anti-establishment; not those people who seriously believe that an even worse version of the same awful politics we’ve endured for the last umpteen years is going to change things for the better. For me, conservatism will always be synonymous with boring, and no amount of rebranding is going to change that.

This novella is the first in what will be a collection of three novellas. Each instalment will continue to build on the narrative until the President’s head is skewered on a stake. The next story will hopefully be out there in the first half of 2019.

On to other matters: at 67,000 words, I’ve finally finished the first draft of Broke. I’m really excited about getting this story out there. Its key theme is inequality in Tory Britain, but this time the dirt poor get to turn the guns on the filthy rich. I hope to release this story a couple of months from now; I’m just sorting out the paperwork. The book trailer and front cover are now in production, and the manuscript will be with the proof readers shortly.

Along with releasing Broke, I’m going to put out three short essays discussing different themes of the novel—all relating to the title. These include mental health, poverty and inequality and the rotten Westminster system of government.

So that’s all for this month. Once again, many thanks to all those who are supporting the revolution of the independent creative. While the mainstream largely continues to churn out play it safe stories about journeys on public transport, the indie scene is the only place where you’ll find a much-needed alternative shaking things up.

Until next time…



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