Coming Soon… Rupert’s Sophomore Novel: Broke

Firstly, thanks to all those who helped me to get the word out on Prezident Scumbag! Enough people downloaded it to make the venture worthwhile. I managed to get those lovely people at Far Right Watch (a diverse group of British Antiracist and Antifascist activists) to download it who later said, and I quote, ‘it’s actually in a class of its own’. End quote.

If you’re one of the people who grabbed a copy then please tell a friend and whack up a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads—even if you think it’s an appalling use of the English language. One has already appeared on Amazon here which was a lovely 5 star review. Massive thanks to whoever that was.

FRW Quote

Enough of kissing my own arse.

It recently dawned on me that it’s been almost four years since I released my debut novel Spark; a story about a low-key computer hacker who sparks a revolution from his bedroom. At the time it was a reaction to the awfulness which had been going on under the Tory regime and an attempt to provide an alternative to the current trend of politically inoffensive fiction that always seems to prosper.

Ever since then I’ve released numerous different projects which you can find here, here, here and here. All the while I’ve been trying to figure out what would make a good follow up novel to Spark. Over the years I’ve been working on a few novel-length stories which you will find referenced throughout my blog. One story is called Kane and is a novel set in Brighton which focuses on our homegrown far right. Another has the working title Neilism and is more philosophical than my other stories; sort of an intellectual lightweight’s attempt at updating the existential novel for the meme generation (not really).

Then, very recently, I discovered another manuscript that some of you may remember me talking about quite some time ago. It’s called Broke and it’s about the dirt poor attempting to scam the filthy rich for once. I began writing it in November of 2015 and then paused on it for reasons I can’t remember. I’m pleased to say that, after a little bit of polishing over the last few weeks, it’s a third of the way there.

Here’s an early version of the blurb:

“Despite working two terrible jobs in the capital, Oscar Knight is trapped inside a life of abject poverty. As his financial responsibilities spiral out of control, he seeks ever more desperate measures to keep his head above the water. But after getting wrangled up with London’s most ruthless loan shark as well as a Russian oligarch who wants to purchase one of the city’s most iconic buildings, Oscar has to figure out a way of not just escaping his miserable existence, but also the United Kingdom. And fast!

So I’ve decided to park on the other projects I’ve been working on and will now be seeing this one through until the bitter end as I reckon I can get it out to you soon—weather permitting.

There are two other things going on which I’ll save for another day.

Meanwhile, keep fighting the good fight…



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