Anti-Racism Novella Now FREE on Kindle!

As a response to the racist atmosphere presently engulfing the UK, I’m giving Prezident Scumbag! away for free on the Kindle platform. You can get your copy here and you can visit the Goodreads page for more reviews here.

I released this story last year as a response to the rise of the far right across the world, spearheaded by a particularly acidic President who has partly succeeded in normalising bigotry and hostility towards the less fortunate. The far right tried to make out that this is what it means to be anti-establishment. However, this story begs to differ by reawakening the true spirit of taking on the establishment.

Since releasing this story, things have taken a turn for the worst. Our own beloved Tory government has taken a leaf out of the far right’s book of disgrace by ramping up a ‘hostile environment’ towards our fellow humans. The purpose of this is to turn people against each other so that they can continue building the sort of world that good people don’t identify with but are forced to survive in on a daily basis.

You can read the Canary’s review here and here is the latest review I’ve received from my friend and fellow dissident author James Birch.

Thanks to all those who have supported me thus far. And extra special thanks to those influential left-wingers who continue to ignore me presumably because you believe in your own bullshit celebrity status rather than the values you preach.

Please help me to spread the word and leave reviews wherever you can.

Respect and tings’


Dreyfus writes with the darkly absurd humour of a thirsty and somewhat paranoid Jonathan Swift.

–Imran Khan, Pop Matters

This isn’t just my favourite of Rupert Dreyfus’ books to date, nor is it one of my favourite indie books, it’s simply one of my favourite books, period.

–Harry Whitewolf, protest poet and author

If his work doesn’t make you think, I suggest getting your doctor to prescribe a course of fluoride tablets, subscribe to the Daily Mirror and vote in this year’s X Factor.

–Steve Topple, The Canary

In between the worthy goal and shenanigans of Sick Bastard’s punk band members… there’s wisdom to plant a seed of ‘something else, something different’ into society’s mushy brain.

–Liis Scanlon, Cover to Cover

No-one at the moment is doing more to break down the artificial divisions in writing – between the arts, literature, social sciences; realism, surrealism, social and political satire, commentary, alternative narratives and dissidence – than Rupert.

–Sue Jones, Politics and Insights

Dreyfus is a kind soul which you might not guess from the title and the notion of a punk rock band going to protest something. But, sprinkled throughout this book, are what are clearly Dreyfus’ own heartfelt, humanitarian expressions of bemusement, sadness, and concern at the present state of the world.

–James Birch, author of Discontents: The Disappearance of a Young Radical

If Orwell was alive today he’d be writing the exact same things as Dreyfus.

–Goodreads Review



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