What’s happening at Dreyfus HQ over the rest of the year

Greetings and tings’.

First off a massive thanks to all those folks who are reading Prezident Scumbag and leaving reviews across the internet. In an age where counterculture is flat-lining, it means the world. I received two of my most glowing reviews ever which you can read here and here. Both reference Irvine Welsh which is nice because Trainspotting is one of my favourite books. Me and Irvine also go way back. I think I started following him on Twitter in early 2015 and we’ve been the best of friends ever since. I keep him informed of my latest goings on. He’s always too busy to get back to me but I know he thinks about me every day.

On a serious note I’ve largely been absent from the internet this year owed to one shitty thing and another. Thanks to all those across the world who’ve been in touch during this time, checking in on me and generally being lovely. After what has been a particularly tough couple of months I’m now making a concerted effort to get back to my old self by causing a ruckus wherever I go. There’s so much awfulness in the world to contend with right now that we need more obnoxious upstarts kicking up a fuss. Problem is that once I get going I just can’t keep my fat trap shut.

There’s a lot in the pipeline for the rest of this year including an upcoming podcast on the Losing the Plot series with my pal Leo, another Canary article on Scumbag and an interview/ feature with Babelsbook. There will also be the release of the Spanish version of Spark, the Scumtits paperback and I hope to reignite an anti-austerity anthology for charity with some fellow authors. I will also get back to reading/ reviewing/ supporting those authors in my network. My next effort Broke will be out sometime in 2018.

So, yeah, things are beginning to roll at Dreyfus HQ once more. Thanks for your patience and I promise not to disappear again. Meanwhile keep being utterly disrespectful and I’ll check back with you soon.



3 thoughts on “What’s happening at Dreyfus HQ over the rest of the year

    • I have learned that mierda means shit, cojones means bollocks and Dreyfus means fanny apparently. I’m reassured it’s a coincidence by the translators and I totally trust them.

      Yeah, I was lucky enough to have Babelsbook arrange it for me. I came up with the title (El Sparko) and they did the rest.

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      • El Sparko! Luvvit. Mierde is similar to French merde. Wonder what the etymology of merde is and why it became ‘shit’ in English. Anyway, good luck with all that. Sounds like the beast is stirring.


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