It’s the Eve of the Most anti-Trump Work of Fiction Hitting the Shelves!

Rebel, Rebels!

Those who’ve been following me closely will know that I haven’t had much of an online presence in 2017. This is a crying shame because now more than ever the world needs mouthy upstarts like me representing the counter-cultural scene. There are reasons for my absence which I’ll quickly skirt over. I’ve seen a big shift in circumstances this year and, a couple of months ago, had some nasty personal shit to wrestle with. Consequently I’ve been running on empty since around April, about managing to stave off another full-blown psychotic episode. A handful of times I had caught myself staring into the void, thinking about getting so high that I don’t ever come back down. At times it’s been truly terrifying, but fortunately I’m still here. Thanks to all those who’ve sent me messages of support through these long, dark days. It’s gone a long way.

Of course it hasn’t help that the political landscape is getting worse by the day. All rational people realised their worst nightmare in January when Trump took office and the white supremacists suddenly felt empowered. Affairs have been on rapid decline ever since and the future is beginning to look like a burning photograph of a beautiful world. We’re currently facing an election in the UK which might well result in Theresa Maniac and the Tory filth retaining their keys to Downing Street so they can continue to carve up our future and sell it off to corporate executives. Sadly I’ve had to block it all out because my head has been so full of my own tragedy that contemplating such monumental global problems would’ve pushed me over the edge.

But in the background I’ve kept writing fiction as a means of dealing with my finely tuned anxiety issues. It’s been something of a saving grace while carting round my carcass and I’m now pleased to announce that everything is set for the release of my new novella Prezident Scumbag. I’d be so bold as to say that it’ll be the most anti-Trump work of fiction out there for a long time coming. But now more than ever I need my friends across the world getting behind the release so it blows up and pisses off the right sorts of people while providing enlightenment to good people everywhere. We need to show them that while it’s been their year, this is our world and we won’t let it go without a fight. And who knows? Trump himself might even catch wind of it and put me on the FBI’s most wanted list…

So in the next few days I’m going to be springing this release onto you. I’m waiting for the outcome of the election so I can give the story one last revision and keep it as current as possible.

If all goes to plan I expect death threats which will be a complete waste of time because you can’t threaten a man with death when he’s already dead. I’m just looking forward to causing another Dreyfus-style ruckus by hitting back at the cunts in charge the only way I know how.

Thanks again for your love and support and I’ll be checking in with you all very soon.

Meanwhile keep stepping out of  line.



2262 Prez cover


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