Still Drey

Hi kids.

I’m still here. I’m still a gobby arse. I still can’t stand people (all of you), the political situation is still thoroughly miserable and our culture is still a scabby Kentucky fried flange lacking in any real substance. I still have some upcoming releases before I go full-on hermit and disappear from the internet forever. I still reckon the best is yet to come.

So what’s occurring? I’m living in a different part of the world. I’m not getting much done other than going to my new job, going home, going to my new job, going home, going to my new job, jerking off. Repeat. Snore. Drop some codeine. Dream about better worlds… It’s like Groundhog Day except without having Bill Murray around to cheer you up.

The good news is that the kind folks over at Babelsbook have translated Spark into Spanish which I’ll be releasing and promoting just as soon as I can. I’ve had some Spanish speakers request it so now it looks like it’s going to happen. I’ll be writing more about why we should be translating to other languages soon enough.

As some of you may remember I’ve been piecing a crusty anti-Trump, anti-altright gobshite novella together. It centres round a crust punk band called Sick Bastard from the norf of England. They go on a road trip to protest the madness over in Washington and get into all sorts of trouble. It’s pretty funny unless you think those altright racist cunts have a point in which case you’ll hate my guts. I hope to get my shit together and finish it over the coming months and then release it before the middle of this year.

Other than that life moves slow here. Maybe I should get back to having a presence online and stirring up some trouble. Or maybe I’ll just stick to the shadows and continue to mope.

Either way stay safe.




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